Hello World!

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Holly. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m an anthropologist in finance who DJs arts and culture events in Vancouver. Currently, I’m learning to program to do data visualization for social science. My mission is to combine engineering, data science, and design to transform information into art.

Mostly, I feel like moonassi’s INTERFACE (below).

INTERFACE by moonassi (무)작위, marker and pen on paper, 42 x 29.7 cm, 2014

This blog is a people-watching-on-the-internet kind of study — an ethnographic and cultural musing on data production, information design, and the transformation of knowledge. Hopefully, in doing so, esoteric subjects like computer science, data visualization, and anthropology become a little less elusive and a little more accessible for everyone involved (myself included).

At best, Immaterial Culture is an investigation into digital and visual culture from the vantage point of the subject of study. And because WordPress is the preferred platform of choice within the blogosphere, it’s only natural I join among those blogging ranks who (which?) intend to leave a mark on the proverbial digital story.